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Apple seem likely to lose App Store trademark battle

Regular readers of Kitguru will be aware that Apple are currently in the middle of a legal trademark wrangle with Amazon, trying to get them to stop using the term ‘App Store’. Apple have claimed that Amazon have used the term to confuse users as ‘App Store’ is associated immediately with Apple.

According to a Reuters report, the Oakland Federal court District Judge Phyllis Hamilton has said that Apple will have a really tough time trying to prove that the App Store name confuses customers and that Amazon should change the name.

Hamilton has not yet made a final ruling on the matter but said that she would study the papers thoroughly first before coming to a verdict.

Microsoft have also fought against Apple’s claims to protect the ‘App Store’ terminology, claiming that the term is much too generic for a single company to own the rights to using it.

Kitguru says: Do you feel Apple should be allowed protection over the naming convention?

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