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Canon EOS 60Da announced – for astrophotography

Canon have a very strong range of DSLR’s this year, and they have announced the latest EOS 60Da which is tailored to deal with demanding astrophotography requirements.

The 60Da is related to the 60D – the popular 18 megapixel model which has sold well for the company. The 60Da is slightly different however, the infrared filter has been modified so it allows more ‘hydrogen alpha’ light through. This is a deep red 656.28 nanometer wavelength of light produced by hydrogen atoms.

Canon have a new filtering system in place which allows three times the level of hydrogen alpha red light through as the regular 60D model. Canon have said that the 60Da can capture great photos of energetic nebulae. It will be released later this month in America at around $1,500.

The 60Da can reach a 6,400 ISO level and has extended ISO up to 12,800 (double). Expect noise at this setting however, although it might enable a clear image in demanding light situations.

Kitguru says: This will be a popular camera for a very select audience. The Canon range continues to strengthen. Nikon need to catch up.

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