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PC World takes over Harrods technology department

In a stunning move, KitGuru is hearing that part-time super store keeper and full time Fulham/Michael Jackson fan, Mo Al Fayed, has some a deal to hand over the trading of electronics goods in Harrod’s to the Hemel hierarchy of Dixons.

Globally, Harrod’s commands revenues in the range of $1 Billion. Not so shabby for a company which is, essentially, a single location business.

Internally, however, Harrod’s does a good job of running concessions. The world’s biggest, best and most expensive brands – vie with each other to control valuable floor/web space, which they know will have a rich and exclusive footfall during the year.

Surprising then, that Michael Ward (chartered accountant and top store head honcho) would push on with the move to PC World. While the Dixons stores certainly have become better over the past 10 years, they’re still not batting in the same league as the better independent stores.

That said, they have enormous buying power – combined with strong logistics – which might be enough for Harrod’s.

So what will Harrod’s be looking for from Dixons, in terms of growth?

Well overall, as a company, Harrod’s has managed to average out to 14% growth – year on year – for the past 20 quarters.

In other words, while the world + dog cries into its cut price 1 litre bottle of own-brand whiskey, the top-persons-top-store is on a continuous growth spurt. There’s hope for us all.

Spend more than £250,00 a year in the PC World section of Harrod’s and you will be given a key to the top floor penthouse – allowing you time to relax between purchases.

We can just see it now. It's clear how well this will work.

KitGuru says: Many believe that in breeding causes a slowing of the mental function. Who knows, maybe Harrod’s customers won’t notice if the tech staff are not quite sure about what the technology does.

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