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Malicious malware targets Android in time for holidays

We urge caution for those people using Android over the holiday season as reports are just in that a bunch of games are actually malware code, disguised. Many publications have found out that a ton of malware has hit the official Android store overnight.

Two games infected with Trojan code have been uploaded by a company who are calling themselves Eldar Limited. The Android store has had its fair share of malicious code in recent months and this comes at a very bad time, as people are winding down for some time from work, relaxing on the sofa, playing some games.

Google managed to snag these applications quickly and have removed them, but there are concerns that this is just the start of a campaign for the Christmas season. We would recommend that before you install anything, to check the name of the company and to ensure they are reputable.

F-Secure are trying to help and suggest the following “A useful tip for users out there is to search for the paid version of the app and take note of the developer’s name. If the name on both paid and free versions matches, then it is very likely to be a safe app. Otherwise, don’t proceed with the download.”

The chances of Assassins Creed ever being free from an unknown company such as ‘Eldar Limited’ should immediately flag a warning. Google really need to look at their overall app system in 2012 and tighten their security and approval methods. Apple have gotten it right in 2011, most of the time anyway.

Kitguru says: We advise caution over the holidays. Unscrupulous people are trying to make a quick buck.

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