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ASDA selling LED HDTV for £50

January is always the time for the best tech bargains, and ASDA have announced that they will be selling a high definition LED backlit television for only £50.

The Venturer 15.6 inch HDTV supports 720p resolution and LED backlighting for a thinner, brighter panel. There is a single HDMI port at the rear with AV and Scart input meaning it will support a Playstation 3 and other devices.

Michael Arnott, the TV buyer for the company said this is an ideal second TV to add to your house. He added “This is an astonishing deal, and we’re delighted to be able to bring HD-Ready TV to our customers at such an amazing price. We’re also glad to be doing our bit to support domestic harmony this Christmas.”

Seems like an ideal purchase for a kids bedroom.

It is currently listed as ‘out of stock’ on the ASDA website, but should be coming soon. One to keep your eyes out for.

Kitguru says: An ideal cheap screen for a second room in the house? Looks like it!

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