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USA step up anti piracy with new policing

According to news reports, USA consumers may be facing a much tougher time if they want to download illegal warez online. In the states, the leading television, music and film companies are going to be working with Internet companies to police people who are downloading illegal files and media online.

Internet providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast will be working under the new ‘Copyright Alert System’, which should be in place over the next couple of months. If people are caught downloading copyright files then they could be cut off from the internet and forced to a single landing page. Other penalties include slowing down the connection speeds of the internet service.

Cary Sherman, the president of the Recording Industry Association of America said it was a landmark agreement and that it was an “important step forward in the evolution of the Internet.”

While this agreement only affects people in the USA right now, we would assume that the plans are to expand this worldwide, targeting Europe and the UK in the future. The movie, game and software industry lose billions every year on illegal file sharing and downloading from servers online.

The agreement has been in planning now for years, and the implementation in a couple of months time could really hit the USA consumer market hard. I think almost everyone reading this has downloaded an MP3 or TV show, either through P2P or from newsgroups. The impact of slowing down someone’s internet connection or basically cutting them off entirely could mean that hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions will face problems over the coming months. You can read more about this over here.

Kitguru says: This could have a huge impact across America.

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