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Apple now accepts bitcoin apps, again

Apple has changed its tune on the subject of bitcoin, updating its iOS App Store terms of use, by stating that it's ok for apps to “facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies, provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws.” This is a marked change from the company that just a few months ago went about removing several bitcoin wallets from the app store.

While Apple hasn't been explicit in which currencies come under the label of “approved,” it seems likely that bitcoin will be the first of any that are, since it's the most widely used and traded virtual currency in existence. Potentially litecoin and dogecoin among many others could be given the thumbs up too, but we'll have to see how Apple reacts when supporting apps show up on the app store, since it isn't in the habit of explaining itself.

While Apple is unlikely to put this on its store any time soon, it will allow app makers to do so

As The Telegraph says, it was initially puzzled at why Apple removed apps pertaining to bitcoin earlier this year, especially massively popular ones which had been present in the store for several years. Several months back however, they were just uprooted without explanation.

After this most recent news, one of the companies behind a more popular bitcoin wallet app, Blockchain, announced it would be back in the store as soon as Apple approved it.

KitGuru Says: It made little sense for Apple to take the ban hammer to several bitcoin apps without any notice, as clearly the digital currency has legs at this point. While it might not be set to become the world's defacto currency in the next couple of years, it's gaining real traction as an alternative to many banking services – which may be its downfall as well as its best feature – so Apple would be foolish to miss out on utilising it to make some money for itself somehow. 

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