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BBC renovates red button service

The BBC has announced a new coat of paint for its red button service, bringing a “connected experience triggered from your TV.” The update includes a newly designed dashboard as well as extra features that utilise internet connections through smart TVs.

Apparently the main aim for the broadcaster was to focus on delivering the most popular elements of the service in a concise manner. This meant making sure viewers had quick and easy access to news, sport, weather and radio, from whatever channel they were on.

“[Audiences] can watch any of BBC channels effortlessly, viewing programmes from all BBC channels day or night, discovering new gems and immersing themselves in news, sport of weather in a very local way,” said BBC manager of programmes, Daniel Danker.

BBC Red Button
You'd think the Red Button logo would have some colour in it

He also explained a better integration of BBC iPlayer, that could be activated from within the Red Button service. “With the update, audiences don’t have to wait for programmes on the schedule. Clicking on BBC 4, for example you can just watch it now, with it linking up to BBC Iplayer without it really feeling like you’ve launched an app.”

This seems to be one of the most dominant points of the update: making catch up easier. While there might be a lot of people using certain tech to record TV, there are still plenty of people without that functionality. iPlayer and catch up radio services are a great way for those people to experience the same ease of viewing that can be found from on-demand programmes.

However the BBC is also going local, with The Inquirer explaining that for the weather tab, it’ll be focused on showing the user how the elements are changing in their location.

KitGuru Says: Any of you guys use Red Button services? I can’t say it’s something I make much use of. When I watch TV  I have my phone with me anway for checking the news etc. Still, I barely watch any TV any more. I have US Netflix, why would I need anything else?

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