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BT creates 1,000 jobs with fibre

BT’s big push to expand fibre broadband to many more British homes will create as many as 1,000 engineer jobs to install the technology. That is a further increase from the 1,500 positions created by last year’s fibre installation projects.

Out of those 1,000, 400 will be taken on as part of an apprentice training scheme, that according to The Guardian, will take two and a half years to complete – though the positions are already over-applied, with some 18,500 hoping to become apprenticed. 200 jobs have also been put aside to take on those that plan to leave the armed forces this year.

Once these people have been hired on, it will bring the total number of fibre installation engineers to an impressive 6,000.

BT Infinity
You too could soon be installing these.

The program for the newly hired, involves spending a year at BT’s Openreach facilities, installing lines for homes, before getting the training they need to take on more in-depth engineering tasks. Maths, English and Technology courses will also be available to all new hirees.

KitGuru Says: BT has been one of those companies that your grandad worked at his whole life, so it’s nice to see it continuing to build long term employment opportunities.

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