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5Gbps broadband is landing in the UK- for a price

The UK isn't exactly known for its blazing fast internet speeds, with average household broadband speeds sitting at 10.7Mbps. However, one company is planning on blowing the UK away with its own 5Gbps broadband service, though it will cost you quite a bit to get it. Right now, the 5Gbps …

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Is your broadband provider failing you?

Chances are, if you are hooked up to the service of one of the UK's largest ISPs, then the answer to the above question is, yes. Data from a new survey conducted by Which? magazine, suggests that some of the most highly appreciated ISPs are often the smallest ones, with …

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South Korea is getting 10Gbps fibre soon

Since I don't live in any of the recently upgraded areas, I'm still drumming my fingers on a regular basis while we wait for fibre to the cabinet to be implemented here, but even I know I'm lucky compared to some with my 16Mbps connection. Over in South Korea though, …

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Google could be working on ‘wireless fibre’ speed internet

Although it remains unconfirmed for now, Google could be working on a new standard of wireless internet transmission, which would allow for fibre broadband like speeds of connectivity, without the need for any sort of cable system at all. This is according to sources that Reuters describe as “telecommunications experts,” that have …

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BT pushes fibre backbone speeds to new heights

As the world moves ever onwards to an increasingly connected global society and our internet tubes get wider and wider, there's a real worry that the fibre optic backbone of it all won't be able to handle the increased connectivity, which is why BT has just tested the “fastest” (though …

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Plus.net unveils aggressive new pricing

One of the more popular, but overlooked (especially in terms of government sanctioned DNS blocks) ISPs in the UK, Plus.net, has unveiled some new pricing plans for its broadband packages, with pricing that could really take the fight to some of the bigger firms out there. The new deal sees …

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What does broadband cost these days?

Like all of you, KitGuru inboxes get hammered with a spread of promotions at a constant level. Once in a while, we cast our eye on something that actually gets you thinking. This morning's thought is broadband related. KitGuru shines a torch on the dark fibres. Possibly one of the …

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Why doesn’t BT have the Vision?

One of the larger technology sites recently ran a poll to find out where enthusiasts go for their TV entertainment. The options given were skewed heavily in favour of British respondents, but while most of the results could be categorised as predictable – one sticks out a mile. KitGuru ponders …

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BT creates 1,000 jobs with fibre

BT Infinity

BT's big push to expand fibre broadband to many more British homes will create as many as 1,000 engineer jobs to install the technology. That is a further increase from the 1,500 positions created by last year's fibre installation projects. Out of those 1,000, 400 will be taken on as …

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Kim Dotcom wants to resurrect Pacific Fibre project

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom, the larger than life personality behind the now defunct Megaupload and potential sequels, Mega and Mega Box, has announced another business plan of his – to resurrect plans for the Pacific Fibre cable that would give New Zealanders super faster internet at a fraction of what they currently …

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Two thirds of the UK to have FTTH by 2016


Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has been playing up to claims that when it comes to broadband, his main interest  is speed, not coverage. He even went as far as saying that himself: “when the Lords Committee criticised me this summer for being preoccupied with speed, I plead guilty. And so …

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