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Demonoid still down, directing some to malware

One of the world’s most recognisable and popular torrent websites, Demonoid, along with its tracker, is still down. However some are now reporting that upon visiting the URL, they are being redirected to other websites infected with malware.

Demonoid has now been down for almost a week, following a large DDOS attack. When TorrentFreak initially spoke with the admin of the site and quizzed him on its future and the downtime, he said that it wasn’t necessarily a traditional DDOS and that there may have been some sort of exploited vulnerability on the site that would need to be fixed. Ultimately he said, it would require a “full check of everything.”

Demonoid: Down for good?

He didn’t however, give any indication on when this might take place or when/if the site would be brought back online. While there has been a lot of acitvity in the anti-file-sharing camps recently, this wouldn’t be the first extended downtime that Demonoid has been through, so it may well make a triumphant return. The fact that the site is purportedly sending people to infected web pages however is mildly worrying. Either the owner isn’t aware that his adverts are sending people somewhere dangerous, or perhaps the aforementioned vulnerability is being exploited by some nefarious individuals.

KitGuru Says: Either way, while we can’t reproduce the adverts here, it’s probably advisable to stay away from it until the all clear is given – or until the site’s death is officially announced.

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