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Nasa wants you – to make infographics

NASA is an organisation that likes to look at space, take pictures and take notes. In other words, looking up at that big black canvas, Nasa has determined a lot of things, which means a lot of data. In-fact, NASA has so much data that it’s difficult to sift through all of it, let alone make it understandable for the layman. That’s where you come in.

If you have a nack for making information easier to take in by using the internet’s favourite learning tool – the infographic – then you could be just the kind of person to help NASA out.

Nasa Wants You
Nasa Wants You

A new initiative called JPL Infographics – put together by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California – is actively recruiting people to do this. All the information you’ll need is freely available and viewable once you make an account over at the JPL website. However, if you’re thinking that you know space, but aren’t that skilled as a graphics designer, don’t fret. NASA has plenty of pictures and graphs that can be used to build your informational imagery.

Once complete, infographics can be uploaded, where they’ll be viewed by JPL staff members and voted on their accuracy and ability to inform. These images can then be shared with the general public in the main JPL gallery.

KitGuru Says: This seems like a great way to encourage people to learn more about space. Packaging it all into an easy to understand, image is much more likely to be shared around online than an exhaustive essay or data table.

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  • peter

    I do art work and song/ and intested in the space-science evolution want to be involed-please advise/I have graphics.

  • peter

    why are’nt there the space- science schmes on the ground to promote/ it maybe happening so well in space- but on the ground in the UK its as if we’re still stepping over dinosaurs/ though they’re nice they also aint has space training.