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Dixons trialling future store with floating screens

Dixons isn’t exactly the name you think of when it comes to contemporary or future thinking store chains, but it’s giving it a good shot with a new “store of the future” in Gatwick Airport, featuring floating displays, tablets for people to browse products on and a “KnowHow” bar.

It’s described over at PCR, as mixing up travel essentials like chargers and compact cases, with high-end electronics like smartphones and tablets. Products will also have tablets nearby that lets users look up more information on then, including in-depth technical specifications and reviews from other customers.

Dixons/Curry’s KnowHow team is already pushing for customer support and install services

Specially featured items will have “floating screens” which are essentially rear projection devices, designed to showcase the more fancy features of newer products.

The KnowHow bar is designed as a place for customers to get advice on products and to have quick turnaround repairs – for those that realise their device is playing up right before a long haul flight.

Jeremy Fennell, managing director for Dixons Travel, said: “This is the store of the future for us. We are focused on delivering a better range and store experience for Travel customers, including a focus on portable items, accessories and other flight-ready products.”

KtiGuru Says: Visitors to the airport also get a discount code texted to them when they arrive, which should help get the ball rolling on purchases. The interesting part would be to learn if this shop is tax free or not, because it if is, it could do very well indeed. 

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