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2K teases ‘perfect world’ future in Advent

The future world of Advent is a perfect one, or at least, thanks to ADVENT technology, it nearly is. Due to gene therapy, it’s said that disease and illness are all but eradicated, but not all is well in this idyllic future setting. The spit and polish appears to be …

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Windows Holographic, the future of computer interaction


At todays Windows 10 event Microsoft announced, among many other things, its new plans for the future of computer interaction with Windows Holographic and Microsoft Hololens. Together these blend the real world around you with overlaid interactive holograms that can be controlled with gestures and voice, in ways only seen previously …

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Brighton retro radio would be perfect for a ‘Her’ future

One of the most noticeable aspects of the recent Joaquin Phoenix vehicle, “Her,” was that technology in this imagined future was very subtle. Instead of giving us a Minority Report near future filled with glass, aluminium and invasive advertising, we instead were shown a world where technology had retreated into …

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Dixons trialling future store with floating screens

Dixons isn’t exactly the name you think of when it comes to contemporary or future thinking store chains, but it’s giving it a good shot with a new “store of the future” in Gatwick Airport, featuring floating displays, tablets for people to browse products on and a “KnowHow” bar. It’s …

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Intel presents its Future Showcase for KitGuru

If you ask people in the tech industry about Intel, the the most likely responses will centre on its ability to create a phenomenal volume of fast, powerful processors. That’s true, but it’s also like saying that BP or Esso create and sell petrol. Sure, that’s what they make, but …

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3D liquid crystals set to revolutionise monitor technology

Scientists at the University if Colorado have successfully created a system whereby particles can be injected into liquid crystal – bringing order to chaos – and opening up the possibility of a revolutionary new kind of screen within the decade. That’s now been explained and augmented by a clever maths …

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