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Tiltbrush short film visualises the mixed reality future of music

Predicting the future of anything is never easy, but one VR artist has taken a stab at predicting what the future of music might be like in 2033. Adam Dylewski has built a short-film entirely within the VR painting title, Tiltbrush, called the Future of Music, extrapolating how today's technology might evolve to give us new experiences in the future.

2050 is a Youtube show about the future and in this case, it wants to talk about a future where Sarah, a musician from 2033, is getting ready for another virtual reality gig. She's a member of a band called Blink and together with her fellow bandmate who lives across the country, they practice and perform within VR, using mixed reality instruments and some that she's created from scratch in the virtual world.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paorOzHMCYQ']

The Future of Music is an interesting tale that shows just how technology might shape our entertainment in the years to come, but it's also built using some of the latest and greatest consumer technology available right now. Every visual in the short-film was painted by hand inside Google's TiltBrush application.

It makes use of not only static brushes, but music reactive ones too, which is why certain parts of the on-screen visuals come to life when the music is played.

The film addresses not only the technology of the future, but how it will change the way entire industry's work. We're told that musicians will ditch labels, have direct access to fans, release music for free and make their money with affordable gigs across the globe from the comfort of their own home.

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KitGuru Says: What do you think of the predictions made within the film? Do you see musicians being able to ditch labels altogether and have a consistent, direct relationship with fans without the middlemen?

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