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Drug marketplace Silk Road hit by DDOS

The Tor accessible network that sells everything from fake IDs to heroin, Silk Road, has been hit with a DDOS attack according to admins. While some site service appears to have been restored in the past few hours, users are still reporting that it's near impossible to login.

The news first broke last yesterday, during a bit of scheduled maintenance that was designed to improve accessibility to the site which has apparently been undergoing some teething issues in recent weeks due to an explosion in user numbers. This is thought to be thanks to increased coverage of the site in the media and through the upsurge in bitcoin acceptance. Users reported slight slow downs and the owner of Silk Road, Dread Pirate Roberts, issued a statement saying they were looking in to it.

Silk road sells every drug imaginable, as well as collector's items

It wasn't until the early hours of this morning that a DDOS attack was announced, with DPR suggesting it was down to own individual exploiting a security breach in the TOR network. He assured everyone that the problem was being looking into and this afternoon said they were beginning to get a handle on it.

While site operation is said to be a lot better than it was, it's still taking people a long time to login, if they can at all, and DPR has said it may take a few hours for them to get the site back to normal.

KitGuru Says: DDOS attacks are a problem for everyone these days, including those operating under the radar it seems. While Kitguru doesn't recommend anyone go to this site, if you do want to, make sure you find the correct link as there are a lot of phony ones out there that could scam your details and potentially money too. 

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