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Ebooks now included in cost of living measure

It’s a good indication that Ebooks are becoming more prevalent in society, that they are now used by the British government as part of its collection of products that measures the current cost of modern living. They join around 700 other goods that the Office for National Statistics use as a measuring stick.

In terms of volume, it’s been noted that Ebooks made up of nearly 14 per cent of all book sales in 2012 and around seven per cent in terms of money spent on the digital books. The ONS claimed that this “significant and growing market,” was a good addition to it ‘inflation basket.’

With many Ereader devices now available, pricing is much more competitive

Other new additions to the organisation’s basket, include digital TV recorders and receivers, replacing the standard Freeview receiver box as the medium of choice.

According to The Guardian, some past technologies that were used to measure inflation and the current cost of living included DVDs, which were added in 2001, digital cameras and digital music sales, which were added in 2004. VHS machines, MiniDisc players and jigsaws have all dropped off the list in the past decade.

KitGuru Says: While I still enjoy a good book, Ebooks are certainly growing on me. The simple fact that they’re flat makes it much easier to read while lying down. But how about you guys? Are you reading many Ebooks these days and would you factor their cost into your monthly bills?

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