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Amazon launches unlimited eBook subscription service

If Amazon wasn't already considered in all out war with the traditional book sale industry, it is now. Extending its Kindle dominance over eBooks even further, Amazon has now launched a subscription service for the platform, offering some half million plus digital books for unlimited viewing, for just $9.99 a …

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Amazon’s bringing DVD extras to ebooks

Amazon has been granted a patent for adding what is described as “DVD extras” to ebooks, suggesting that in the same way as movies were enhanced via special features like cast and crew interviews, documentary footage and behind the scenes information, books could be similarly added to. Video isn't something …

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Ebooks now included in cost of living measure


It's a good indication that Ebooks are becoming more prevalent in society, that they are now used by the British government as part of its collection of products that measures the current cost of modern living. They join around 700 other goods that the Office for National Statistics use as …

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Legimi looks to reinvent the library


While the digital distribution model has taken a while to get going, it's certainly picked up steam now, as more and more of us find ourselves listening to music through services like Spotify, watching movies through Netflix; we're renting access to content. However, while there's been a big push with …

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Apple Ebook antitrust suit ends in settlement


Along with four other publishing giants, Apple has agreed to settle an antitrust case with EU regulators over Ebook price fixings. This should lead to a reduction in price restrictions on Ebook sales sites like Amazon. The big five involved were Apple, Simon & Schuster, Hachette Livre, Macmillan and Harper …

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Ebook price wars threaten entire industry


While Ebook and Ereader sales have shown enormous growth in the past few years, thanks to Amazon's Kindle, the Nook Tablet, smaller companies like Kobo and more, the entire industry is coming under threat from price competition between content providers. Some of the best selling authors now have digital books …

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Amazon selling more eBooks than print

eBook Dominance

Online retailer Amazon has announced that it now sells more eBooks than hardbacks and paperbacks combined. This can be broken down by the statistic that for every 100 print books that leave the company's digital shelves, 114 eBooks are downloaded. Much of the growth of eBook sales has been put …

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Amazon UK ebook sales twice that of hardbacks

The time of the ebook is certainly upon us. Amazon have issued a report saying that they are selling over twice as many ebooks on their store now when compared to physical hardbacks. The figure also includes books which have no Kindle electronic edition and excludes free ebooks, of which …

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Hack the Nook Color into a Kindle

eReaders have proved popular, with sales figures surpassing analysts best estimations. Barnes and Noble recently released the Android powered Nook Color which doesn't support the Kindle Application for Android. Not until a group ‘rooted' the Nook Color to run a customised version of Android that means you can download Android …

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Amazon offer E-Book gifting

Amazon are going to give holiday shoppers the option of giving digitial books to recipents for download. With their rival Kobo set to do the same thing, it was a preemptive move on their part. Amazon.com are hoping to help boost their end of year sales by offering ebooks as …

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