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Amazon UK ebook sales twice that of hardbacks

The time of the ebook is certainly upon us. Amazon have issued a report saying that they are selling over twice as many ebooks on their store now when compared to physical hardbacks. The figure also includes books which have no Kindle electronic edition and excludes free ebooks, of which there are over 1 million available.

In the states from July onwards last year electronic titles have been outselling physical copies but it has taken the UK much longer to adopt the same sales strategy. With Amazon dropping the prices of the Kindle this has helped drive sales. In the states their Kindle device sales have tripled in recent months, although Amazon don't detail the exact sales figures.

With challenges from Apple's iBooks platform, Amazon have to keep the prices as competitive as possible to help drive sales. Amazon also have been working hard with publishers to ensure a wide variety of titles available on the store – there are currently over 650,000 titles available for download.

KitGuru says: Kindle has dominated the book sales for a long time now, this is one area Apple are falling behind.

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