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Do you use an iPad when watching TV? research shows 70% do

iPad sales are at an all time high for Apple, and many research companies are running their own analysis to get feedback from the user base. Nielsen have applied their own graphical based research on mobile devices and it certainly makes for interesting reading.

Nielsen weren't focusing on sales, this time they wanted to ascertain how customers were using mobile devices in their daily, everyday routines. Their recent survey shows that seventy percent of a polled 12,000 user base were using the iPad when watching television, indicating that the rising use of ‘multitasking' was evident. 68 percent of smartphone owners also used their phones while watching TV. Either TV has gotten worse, or people just need more activity now to stay stimulated.

61 percent of eReader owners use their device in bed, compared to 57 percent of tablet owners and 51 percent of smartphone owners.

Tablet owners said that 30 percent of their time was spent with their device compared to 21 percent who are lying in bed.

Not unsurprisingly eReader owners said that only 15 percent of their time with the device was spent in front of the TV. Clearly watching a TV show and reading a book simultaneously still proves too difficult.

The environment has changed so much in recent years, with people demanding more technology in their everyday lives. Everytime I get local transport or take a break in a local cafe, a very high percentage of people are continually using their smartphone, even when talking. Is this no longer deemed rude in society?

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