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Hack the Nook Color into a Kindle

eReaders have proved popular, with sales figures surpassing analysts best estimations. Barnes and Noble recently released the Android powered Nook Color which doesn't support the Kindle Application for Android. Not until a group ‘rooted' the Nook Color to run a customised version of Android that means you can download Android apps, including the Kindle application.

The Blog Kindle has posted step-by-step instructions on how to root the Nook Color.

“It's actually quite easy now to get Kindle books on Nook color and have both eBook stores available to you on a single device,” the how-to article begins. “This is possible because Nook Color is more of an entry level Android tablet than a dedicated eReader. As it comes out of the box it just happens to start the Nook application by default and not let users run anything else. However, that can easily be fixed by rooting the device and enabling the Android Market.”

All seems to work well, with only the machines firmware causing random issues which require a reboot from time to time. You can even play games such as Angry Birds and watch videos on YouTube.

Barnes and Noble are saying that updates will arrive officially in 2011 with their own marketplace and the device will also be updated to Android 2.2. That obviously won't stop the modding community doing their own thing, which is never a bad thing as the reader has now just became more attractive to a wider audience.

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