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Got an innovative anti-gun violence tech idea? Now’s your chance

School shootings in America have become something that’s common place enough that the idea of putting armed guards, or armed teachers or even a persistent police presence at these places of learning, isn’t that uncommon. Not everyone thinks this is the right step forward though, and to help find an alternative, The Smart Tech Foundation is offering up to a $1 million prize to anyone that can come up with a technological way to solve the problem.

“We looked at this and said there’s been a systemic failure in the level of innovation and capitalization in this area,” Smart Tech director Jim Pitkow said while speaking with Fast Company. This million dollar (and potentially more) prize fund is being termed the Smart Tech Firearms Challenge. It’s hoped that it can go at least some way to reducing the number of young people killed by firearm violence.

If you were thinking cyborg sniffer dogs, I think they’re looking for something a little smarter… and less cool

When the subject of legislation was raised with Pitkow, he suggested that he’d prefer to take the “free market approach.” With this solution it’s hoped that current laws could remain in place, thereby not infringing on adults’ second amendment right to bear arms, while reducing the damage the weapons do to children.

“We’re looking for the ideas that haven’t been thought of yet,” Pitkow said. “Volvo created the three-point safety belt, introduced it to the marketplace, and the market decided safety was worth paying for. So this has been done before.”

Ideas can be submitted beginning January next year. If you have an idea make sure to send it through to [email protected]

This is actually the first of four planned challenges however, with the next one set to be focusing on brain health. Beyond that, The Smart Tech Foundation also wishes to address problems with community safety and with big data and how it can be better optimised to improve society.

KitGuru Says: Any thoughts guys? If you’ve got a good idea it could net you a million dollars. That’s almost worth not impressing other KitGuru readers by keeping it yourself. Almost. 

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