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Disney Infinity sales drive strong quarter earnings

The Walt Disney Company has just published its year on year and Q4 revenue results and it's been doing very well indeed. A large part of this is thanks to the high sales of Disney Infinity, with over a million starter packs sold and countless additional figures helping to bump overall sales of Disney Interactive to over $1.1 billion.

Each of those starter packs isn't cheap, at around £50 a pop here and $75 in the US, that's a big chunk of change just from the base game. Each additional character is £13, or £30 for a triple pack and there's nearly 30 over all. That means a fully stocked Infinity set up will cost parents almost £300. Combine that with power discs, of which there's 30 and that you have to buy them two at a time (£3 per pack) in opaque packaging and it could get even more expensive.

Multi-platform feature support means everyone can get involved

Overall the sales of these toys/real world DLC packs drove a 96 per cent increase in Disney's gaming business, drawing in almost $400 million throughout the last three months alone – and that hasn't even taken into consideration potential sales over the Christmas period, which are likely to be incredibly high.

Year on year, this is a big increase in profit too. Last year Disney gaming lost some $76 million during this quarter. Comparatively, this year it made $16 million.

KitGuru Says: I've not tried Infinity, but I imagine it's a big money sink for parents. That said, is it a fun COOP game to play with your kids? I've tried Skylanders with a friend's lad and that was fun.

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