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Kodak made $12 million this quarter


Considering how long it’s been since most of us picked up a camera with film in it, you might be surprised to know that Kodak is still alive and kicking. In fact it’s doing rather well. In its latest quarter earnings report, it made a profit of $12 million (£9.67 million). …

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Facebook makes its first billion dollar quarter profit

Despite being one of the world’s most valuable companies for the best part of a decade, it’s taken a long time for Facebook to earn the kind of money that matches its valuation. Still as advertising on it has improved and it’s increased its usage to more than a billion …

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Apple’s profits break all records for all companies ever

If you thought Apple was rich before, having the biggest, most financially settled company in the world, think again, as this year has eclipsed all others that came before it. In-fact it’s eclipsed every single company’s most profitable year ever, netting the fruity firm a staggering $53.4 billion (£35 billion). …

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Wii U sales finally crest 10 million

Nintendo’s latest console hasn’t been the strong player that it hoped it would be earlier in its life cycle. Released almost a year ahead of its main competitors, the PS4 and Xbox One, with a unique second screen mechanic, it was supposed to capture the old Wii audience, whilst siphoning …

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Samsung predicting a 30% drop in profit

Samsung is gearing up to reveal its first quarter 2015 earnings soon so the company has released an earnings guide for investors, which tells a similar story to the last few, Samsung is expecting to see a sizable dip in profit due to dwindling sales of its devices. Samsung currently …

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NVIDIA posts record revenues for fiscal 2015


NVIDIA has had a very good financial year over the last 12 months, finishing off with a record-breaking 4th quarter with revenue in Q4 of $1.25 billion, up 9 percent from the previous years quarter. GPU revenues for the quarter were 85.8 per cent of the total and climbed 13 percent to bring in …

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Twitter enters retail game with ‘buy’ button

Evidently fed up with driving sales to every corner of the web without being able to take much credit, Twitter has implemented a way to buy products directly through the social network, thereby scoring itself a small portion of the profit. Not for every product mention though and not for …

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Netflix profits double despite US price hike

Streaming movie/TV powerhouse, Netflix, has announced that despite bumping its monthly subscription charge by $1 in the US, it has managed to pull in over half a million more customers in that territory alone, which has led to it managing to double its quarterly profits, year on year. Over the …

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Samsung blames profit decline on employee bonuses

Samsung’s quarterly results were revealed yesterday which saw an 18 per cent decline in the company’s profits from last quarter, so where did the money go? Well Currency exchange rates as well as employee bonuses seem to be the cause. Samsung says that while its marketing budget did increase due …

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Analysts weigh in on Apple profit drop

Apple has announced its first drop in profits for the past decade, prompting some to question the future of the firm – as it has a history of innovating and trend setting over a few years and then stagnating. Vanessa Barnett, technology and media specialist at Charles Russell LLP has spoken up …

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Apple quarterly profit hits $8 billion


As if anyone is surprised, Apple is doing rather well financially at the moment and has announced that for the fourth quarter of 2012, it has made a profit over $8.2 billion. Compared with the same period last year, things are on the up, as it made ‘only’ $6.6 billion. …

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Viglen’s continued success is an education for all

While most local system companies have evaporated, Viglen continues to bang in the results – including a whopping £8m revenue for June alone. How does one of the last remaining giants of the UK PC industry do it?  KitGuru goes back to school to see what can be learnt from …

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