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Samsung predicting a 30% drop in profit

Samsung is gearing up to reveal its first quarter 2015 earnings soon so the company has released an earnings guide for investors, which tells a similar story to the last few, Samsung is expecting to see a sizable dip in profit due to dwindling sales of its devices.

Samsung currently predicts that it made around $5.4 billion in operating profit between January and March, just before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This represents a 12 per cent sales decline and amounts to a 30 per cent drop in profit from the same time period last year.


Samsung hasn't said much else at this time but we already knew that its sales were trending downwards for Galaxy branded devices. Obviously, all of these figures were taken before the announcements of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which are performing very well when it comes to pre-orders.

Many critics are already very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and are expecting it to do very well in sales. Samsung is also expecting this to push demand for curved displays and is rumored to be planning the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a similar display to the S6 Edge.

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KitGuru Says: The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 were pretty disappointing devices, not really doing much to differentiate themselves from the Galaxy S3, which did very well for Samsung. However, The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is looking like a very impressive device and could get many people interested in the Galaxy brand once again. Are any of you guys using a Samsung smartphone? Are you thinking of upgrading to the S6 or S6 Edge? 

Source: Samsung (Via: The Verge)

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