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Hey buddy, want to buy the 1989 Batman car?

Typically Halloween has come and gone this year, so if you want to have one of the best costumes for 2014, you're going to have to spend early and spend big. It's going to cost you almost £100,000, but if you want a fully functioning, road legal and gadget equipped Batmobile, November could soon become your favourite month ever.

Towards the end of it, this faithful reproduction Batmobile is going up for auction over at Historics, with an expected sale price of between £70,000 and £90,000. It's a promotional vehicle, used to help sell cars at Mercedes-Benz World, but it's not just a prop car. This thing features a 3.2 litre, straight six, fuel injected Jaguar engine, with an automatic transmission.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFBbxUYpUDI']

The gadgets and perks are far more impressive though. Worried about ground clearance? Hydraulic suspension. Can't see past the giant bonnet and boot? Front and  rear facing cameras. Not enough atmosphere? Smoke release mechanism. People getting too close to your bumper? Fully functioning flame-thrower.

Other more traditional features include remote start, electric roof canopy control and full LED running lights. Mileage is low and the vendor describes it as in “excellent condition.”

There goes Dave in the background, ruining another take.

KitGuru Says: While there are a lot of cars I'd probably buy with £90,000 (after putting down a house deposit) this is quite a cool one. I imagine someone with a few million will scoop it up to sit in their garage as a curiosity. Then again, they probably have the original.

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