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What’s Holding up 5G in the UK?

If you're into technology, there's a good chance that you're waiting with bated breath for every shred of news that may give you a hint about when you'll be able to get your hands on the next-generation of 5G wireless devices. If you live in the UK, there are already …

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Runescape to auction off banned account inventories


Although players banned from most games usually see their time invested simply wasted as their character and assets are locked away forever, Jagex, the developer of Runescape has another idea. It's going to anonymously auction off the account bank balances and item inventories, giving people a chance to unlock everything …

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Ebay partners with Sotheby’s for live stream auctioning

Ebay has always been full of interesting items on sale from various individuals and businesses around the world, but starting today it will have an entirely new crop of products for its international users to bid on. In a partnership with New York auction firm Sotheby's, the online marketplace will …

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Biggest video-game collection sells for $750,000

The world's biggest videogame collection, featuring titles from the early 80s, with the Colecovision, through the NES era and beyond, right in to the modern day with the Xbox 360, has been sold, for just over $750,000 (£442,000). Beginning the bidding on GameGavel at just one dollar, a few bids …

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Ebay forcing password changes after hack

If you visit online auction site Ebay this morning, you'll be prompted to change your password due to what the site describes as a “cyberattack,” that occurred earlier this year, giving the nefarious individuals behind it access to encrypted passwords and other account data. While it said that everyone's passwords …

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Rare Nintendo game buyer claims bid was a mistake

When the poor condition but still incredibly rare Nintendo World Championship NES cartridge hit eBay last week, word spread through the Internet quickly and unfortunately for the seller, that resulted in a series of not so serious bids which were swiftly met with retractions: The winning bid totalled in at $99,902, …

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£450 for an Xbox One photo?

Last week we put out an article on the Xbox One day one edition boxes being sold for as much as the console on eBay but this week's story definitely takes the cake. A 19 year old from Nottingham has paid £450 for a badly printed photo of a day …

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Hey buddy, want to buy the 1989 Batman car?

Typically Halloween has come and gone this year, so if you want to have one of the best costumes for 2014, you're going to have to spend early and spend big. It's going to cost you almost £100,000, but if you want a fully functioning, road legal and gadget equipped …

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THQ sale rumours suggest Sega, Ubisoft and Koch Media


Update: Interestingly, South Park Studios, the company behind the hit TV show has said that it isn't keen on THQ selling off its IP. In-fact, it claims that within its contract with THQ there is a stipulation that should it be breached, South Park Studios has the right to acquire …

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EA could buy up THQ

Stick of Truth

While it isn't the only mega corporation vying for the rights to some of THQ's hottest properties, EA Games is in the running for some of the beleaguered publisher's games and franchises, when the auction takes place in the next couple of weeks. Cash dry THQ was hoping to secure …

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Ebay debuts logo refresh

New Ebay

Today Ebay showed off its newly designed logo, though it has yet to go live on either the .com or .co.uk domains. It looks sharp and sleek and all the letters are lined up correctly now – though similar to Microsoft's redesign, I can't help but wonder how much the auction …

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Everything Everywhere gets 4G head start

OfCom Troll

In a move that isn't likely to please the other mobile companies, OfCom has granted Everything Everywhere (formerly Orange and T-Mobile) approval for using its existing 1800 MHz spectrum to offer 4G data services to its customers. Considering the auction for who gets what part of the spectrum has yet …

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Apple 1 sells for $212,267

KitGuru reported last week that one of the first Apple computers ever built was being auctioned and many will be surprised to hear that it sold for a wallet sapping $212,267. The Apple 1 was sold for $666.66 when it first shipped in 1976 and it came with a preassembled …

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