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Dark Souls III, Yorkshire Tea partner up for charity auction

As every British gamer knows, you're much more likely to succeed in your gaming endeavours if you have a steamy brew next to you while you play. Sipping it between kills, slurping it down after a boss fight – that's how you stay hydrated and caffeinated enough to save the world. That goes doubly so if your teabags are Dark Souls branded, as this special pack of Yorkshire Tea is, in aid of charity.

In a partnership that I doubt anyone saw coming, Bandai Namco and Yorkshire Tea have teamed up to offer a unique box, featuring a modified pack of 80 tea bags with a Dark Souls logo printed on the side. Little else has changed about the packaging or indeed the content – though we do wonder if there will be a more iron-like taste to the brew when steeped.


Available on Ebay right now, the auction for the one-of-a-kind box will see all funds generated given to the Special Effect charity, which does a wonderful job of helping disabled gamers continue to play their favourite games, with modified controllers and input mechanisms.

You can tell there's some element of Dark Souls III launch promotion, as the first bit of text on the auction mentions that the game releases on the 4th April, but it's still for a good cause. So if your pockets are feeling deep and generous and you're a fan of well made tea and dying repeatedly for fun, then perhaps this auction is for you.

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KitGuru Says: As much as that's a lot of money for some tea, I am tempted. I love a good Yorkshire brew and it is for a good cause… very tempting. 

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