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Ebay forcing password changes after hack

If you visit online auction site Ebay this morning, you’ll be prompted to change your password due to what the site describes as a “cyberattack,” that occurred earlier this year, giving the nefarious individuals behind it access to encrypted passwords and other account data. While it said that everyone’s passwords were most likely safe, it was simply best practice to change them just in case.

“We take security on eBay very seriously, and we want to ensure that you feel safe and secure buying and selling on eBay,” said the company’s announcement. It goes on to suggest that if you used your Ebay password anywhere else, that you also chance those passwords, as having unique login information for each site and system you use is always a good idea.

Ebay changed its iconic logo back in 2012 to a more simplistic alternative

While Ebay isn’t exactly sure when it was hacked, it believes it was somewhere between the end of February and early March. No financial data was stolen in the attack, but there are still some security fears surrounding it, prompting the new campaign to have people update their security information.

“Meanwhile, our team is committed to making eBay as safe and secure as possible,” the auction firm said. “So we are looking at other ways to strengthen security on eBay. In the coming days and weeks we may be introducing new security features. We’ll keep you updated as we do.”

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KitGuru Says: I doubt anyone is surprised when these firms get hacked now, but it is a right pain having to have so many different passwords. Without a manager I’d forget them all I swear. 

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