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HMV removing closing signs, possible buyout imminent

It’s thought that with HMV’s rental payment looming, someone or some entity is going to swoop in and save it, as a few stores have begun removing “closing down” signs from their windows.

The particular outlets that have got rid of the woeful signs, include: Stockport, Manchester Market Street and Argyle Street. It’s not known whether these stores in particular will be saved while others won’t, or if the staff there just know something we don’t.

HMV Gloucester
HMV Gloucester back in January. Even then there were sales. Source: Philip Halling

We also don’t know who may be responsible for the saving grace, but Music Week seems to think that it’ll be debt buyers and owners of HMV Canada, Hilco.  The rumour is that the company is interested in around 120 stores, though it’ll have to act fast, as HMV’s rent payments are due before the end of today.

KitGuru Says: I can personally confirm that Gloucester’s HMV is still sporting the closing down signs. I must admit I popped in to see what was available and they still had a PS3 copy of Modern Warfare 2 for £20. Apparently this was a reduced price. Considering this was supposed to be a closing down sale, shouldn’t a near four year old shooter be a bit cheaper than that?

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