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Homebrew Wii U channel now available

Well that didn’t take long. In just over three weeks, the team behind the HomeBrew Wii channel have managed to get it working on the Wii U. It wasn’t easy though, as Nintendo closed up the hole used to hack apart the original Wii.

According to the release info of the new HackMii Installer v1.2, that lets you setup the HomeBrew Wii channel when within the Wii classic mode on the Wii U – full Wii U functionality with the channel has yet to be sorted out – despite efforts to prevent reverse engineering of the HackMii system by Nintendo, somehow the Japanese electronic maker figured it out. Ultimately this meant that a new method needed to be created for the Wii U – hence the few weeks of down time.

Despite its efforts, Nintendo only managed to stall hackers for a few weeks

Now though, it’s all up and running again and those who want the HomeBrew channel  on their Wii U can have it. It should allow for the running of custom software from the Wii U, though you’ll need to be using the Wii classic mode in order to access it.

However it won’t be that way for long. The plan is for work to continue on figuring out how to unlock the entirety of the Wii U. Considering the speed that this exploit was found, it probably won’t be long before we see full functionality.

You can download the new installer for the HomeBrew Channel here. Just be aware if you do use it, chances are it will void your Nintendo warranty, as the company considers it unauthorised software.

KitGuru Says: I must admit I’ve never been one to fool around with my consoles. They’re secondary gaming machines to my fully customisable PC. Do any of you hack apart your consoles?

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