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Pokédex app makes the iPad seem worth it


While it doesn’t go quite as far as to slap a pokéball in your hand and send you off on your journey to fame and fortune, the official pokédex application comes about as close to it as is possible. Available now outside of Japan for the first time, on the iTunes store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the app comes at an initial price of just $1.99. While that might seem like quite good value for anyone that’s wanted a carry around pokémon roster, it is a bit too good to be true.

That’s because for each pokémon update you need to pay just under $6 (£3.75). So for information on the pokémon found in the original Red and Blue, you’ll spend that much and again if you want the ones found in Silver and Gold and so on and so forth. Ultimately you’re looking at spending around £15 if you want the information on every pokémon out there.

I hope you guys noted I did the accented é through all of this. It's annoying hitting Alt Gr that much

Unfortunately, despite the very official nature of this release and the pretty high production values, it doesn’t mean we’re going to see fully fledged pokémon games on another medium. This release was handled by the Nintendo subsidiary, Pokémon Company International, not Nintendo itself.

KitGuru Says: While you can get all this information on sites like Bulbapedia already, I’m sure hardcore fans will be pleased to see this available.

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