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Twitch is gearing up to air 932 episodes of Pokémon and 16 movies

TwitchPresents is gearing up for its next mega-marathon, readying itself to air 20 years’ worth of Pokémon anime. Keeping in line with the platform’s interactive elements, viewers will be able to collect Twitch’s version of on-screen gym badges as they watch the anime’s international dubbed version. While Twitch is known …

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The Pokken Tournament arcade controller is huge

Although in the history of gaming there have been a number of bizarre controllers, from the Intellivision’s turn wheel and numpad, to the N64’s need for three hands, things have settled down in recent years. Sure we may be talking touch controls for VR, but for the most part, gamepads …

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Nintendo’s first iOS/Android game is Pokemon Shuffle

Back at the start of the year, Nintendo finally announced its intention to start making games for mobile devices, after years of losing out on the market to emulators and ROMs. The company hired outside firm, DeNa to handle its mobile titles and now we know what game is set …

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Two arrested at Pokemon World Championships over illegal guns

A pair of individuals, one 18 the other 27, visiting the Pokémon World Championships in Boston this weekend, have been arrested and detained following the discovery of several illegal guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in their vehicle. Event security were alerted to the pair when they posted images of …

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Moonrise wants to be a PC Pokemon MMO

Even though Nintendo and Game Freak want to keep hitting new, successive generations of gamers with each Pokemon title, whilst still offering a few developments for long time players, the fact that neither company has ever put out a multi-platform MMO experience has always felt like leaving a fortune on …

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Pokemon TCG now available on iOS

Trading and collectible card games have shown impressive growth over the past few years, thanks to the expansion of Magic The Gathering on consoles and PCs, the birth of Hex and its contemporaries through crowd funding and perhaps most of all, the explosion in popularity of Blizzard’s recently released Hearthstone …

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