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Humble THQ Bundle raises stock price and millions of dollars

THQ hasn’t had a good run of things in the past year, with stock price problems, studio firings, game sales below expectations and more. However, one bright spot in the murky waters has been the new Humble THQ Bundle, which has seen over $3 million generated in the past few days and a jump in the publisher’s stock price by 40 per cent.

The latest bundle packs in popular titles Darksiders, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes and two expansions, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor – as well as Saints Row: The Third if you pay above the $5 average. At the time of writing, just under 580,000 bundles had been bought, generating just over $3.25 million. A portion of this goes to charities Child’s Play and American Red Cross, as well as Humble Bundle itself – but THQ will be making a fair chunk of change from this deal.

Humble Bundle
This is the first time AAA titles have been part of the bundle. Not everyone thinks that's a good thing

However this bundle has generated some controversy. Some believe that the Humble Bundle should be reserved for indi titles. Others aren’t happy that there are no Linux versions of the games and that Steam is required to play. Some would consider the required usage of any software other than the game itself tantamount to DRM.

There was so much of an outcry, that the man behind Wolfire – though no longer working as part of the Humble Bundle – spoke out about his views on it: “I’m sure it was a hard decision to make an exception to two of the founding principles of the bundle, and alienate some of the original bundle supporters, but it would have been a mistake to pass up such an important opportunity.”

However, he also asked the question of how things like this should be handled in the future: “What do you think would be a better way to handle bundles like this in the future? Should they always have an ultimatum of Linux and DRM-free or nothing, or is there some middle ground for quality games that can’t be ported?”

KitGuru Says: Where do you guys stand? Should the Humble Bundle be reserved for Linux, non-DRM, indie titles only? Or is it is simply about getting games out there for a lot cost and making money for charity?

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