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Kim Dotcom mocks authorities, launches Targa Rally from mansion

Nearly two years on from the raid on his mansion that saw his personal fortune, computers and – most importantly in this context – his fleet of luxury vehicles confiscated, as part of an ongoing investigation into copyright infringement and money laundering, Kim Dotcom has hosted the Targa Rally starting line at his mansion in New Zealand.

Never one to miss a chance to poke fun at the local and US police forces, Dotcom posted the following pictures with the caption, “hello FBI, checkout my new car collection.”


This “collection,” makes up racers and the public, as Dotcom opened his mansion to one and all to kick off the annual rally, which sees racers compete over several stages of street-racing and distance touring, taking place over 650 kilometres of track.

Unfortunately for Dotcom, despite this impressive showing at his mansion, he wasn't able to compete, as all his cars remain impounded while his extradition trial continues.

“I have a little tear in my eye looking at all of this, knowing my cars are stashed somewhere in the garage and I can't have them,” said Dotcom (via 3News).

Kitguru Says: It would be silly to suggest that Dotcom is a selfless individual, who's taking on the authorities for us and not himself – it's a mixture of both. But I do love his ostentatious rib-poking of the authorities. Dude's got some balls. 

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