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Wii U starting to make a comeback?

Since its initially frenetic launch, the Wii U has dropped off the map in terms of console sales. Nintendo managed to push around four million in its initial Christmas launch period, but since then numbers have been way down, prompting some to wonder if it was heading the way of the Dreamcast. Now though, it looks like it might be more like the 3DS, a slow start, but a steady build to a very contemporary system.

This trend reversal stems from the fact that in its Q2 sales results, Nintendo has reported 300,000 console sales. This is hardly massive, considering several million sold in the month following the Wii U's release last November, but compared to Q1, it represents a jump of nearly 100 per cent. Software sales were also much higher than before, catapulting to 5.27 million in Q2, a 400 per cent improvement over the preceding three month period.


Some of these sales can no doubt be put down to the positive feedback Nintendo has received for its recent release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. It's prompted the company to consider releasing other HD versions of its back catalogue of N64 and Gamecube titles.

With decent sales numbers starting to rack up, Nintendo is sticking to its guns on sales predictions, suggesting that it can sell a further 3.5 million consoles before the end of the financial year. It's hoping to achieve this with a recent price cut, new bundles and a release of big first party games like Super Mario 3D World and Wii Party U.

KitGuru Says: I can see the Wii U being a bit of a sleeper hit. It's the one console that I'm interested in getting for its party play features and I'll probably pick one up when the price inevitably dips after Christmas. What about you guys?

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