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Kim Dotcom threatens to sue for billions if appeal successful

Legally embattled Kim Dotcom has pledged to sue the U.S. and New Zealand governments for billions if his appeal to avoid extradition to America is successful. He claims that at the time of his arrest in 2012, his series of Mega sites and services were worth in excess of $2.4 billion, and would “sue for a lot more.”

Dotcom is currently taking part in his appeals process following his original extradition trial in 2015, where a judge ruled that he should be deported to the United States to face charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. However, he remains confident that he will avoid that in the near future and plans legal action of his own, if successful.

Although not an official announcement of intent by any means, Dotcom did claim via Twitter that he would sue the U.S. and New Zealand governments for billions, since the sites and services they destroyed through his arrest were worth as much. Consider too the punitive damages associated with keeping him in courts and unable to access his frozen assets for years and he may well have a serious case on his hands.

One wrinkle in Dotcom's plan however, could come in the form of NZ police commissioner Peter Marshall. He signed an indemnity order, which would essentially label him responsible if Dotcom were to complain about his treatment over the past few years. The NZ government believes this would exonerate the U.S. from any complaints Dotcom may have, as per NewsHub.

All of this though, will very much depend on the outcome of his appeal. It is set to continue for the next five weeks and much of it will be livestreamed. Dotcom reports that the U.S. has repeatedly tried to halt the streaming of the court case, though the judge has allowed it to continue for now.

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KitGuru Says: The whole Dotcom case has been a fascinating example of the U.S. wielding heavy hands overseas. If the pendulum swings the other way, the fall out could be huge. 

Image source: Dotcom/Twitter

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