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Earthquake zone residents urged to leave Wi-Fi open


In the wake of the Italian earthquake which has claimed the lives of several hundred people, local residents of stricken areas are being asked to remove the password protection on their Wi-Fi networks, as mobile networks continue to remain down. The Italian Red Cross put the call out first, as …

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Dotcom gets at least one more summer in New Zealand

The appeal for internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom's extradition trial has been set of August, so the MegaUpload founder will have at least a few more months to prepare and  can finish out this summer there. This comes despite demands from the U.S. that his appeal be fast tracked to hurry …

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Ross Ulbricht appeal kicks off with attack on corrupt feds

Convicted Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has served a year of his double-life sentence without parole, but is now getting the chance to appeal his original conviction. The first step on that road is a big one too, as his legal team submitted a 140+ page document requesting the original trial …

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Apple wins appeal in patent case against Samsung

Apple has won an appeal in its never-ending lawsuit against Samsung. The latest victory on Apple's part could mean that Samsung will either have to make changes to or stop selling some of its older Galaxy smartphones and tablets. A US court of appeals made the ruling on Thursday and …

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US appeals court declares NSA spying illegal

Despite British MP's quickly jumping on the idea of increasing the amount of spying that agencies like GCHQ perform against the British public, across the pond things don't look quite so rosy for the intelligence agencies. The NSA's record of spying on US citizens has been deemed illegal by a …

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Pirate Bay co-founder denied an NES for his prison cell

Pirate Bay co-founder and former operator, Fredrik Neij, was arrested and put in prison just last year for copyright infringement. Inititally, he had hoped to kill some time making his way through some classic Nintendo games, but the prison has denied his request for an NES. While the prison usually …

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