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Samsung wants to take its fight against Apple to the Supreme Court

Samsung and Apple have been locked in a legal battle for a number of years now and while Samsung initially lost the fight several years ago, it has kept fighting back since. While the courts originally ordered Samsung to pay close to $1 billion to Apple in damages, Samsung has issued appeals and that payout was reduced significantly earlier this year.

The overall amount may be reduced even further, after a 2008 Apple patent was invalidated this week. Now Samsung is looking to take things as high as the US Supreme Court to settle things once and for all.


The court papers were filed on Wednesday, which state: “The questions present issues of enormous importance to patent litigation and the scope of innovation, especially in high-technology industries”. Reports are currently suggesting that companies including Google and Facebook may even support Samsung in urging the Supreme Court to look at the case.

The Supreme Court has plenty of time to make a decision though as it has until the end of the current term, which happens in June next year.

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KitGuru Says: Samsung has been chipping away at Apple’s initial $1 billion award since 2012. Currently, Apple’s winnings in the case sit closer to the $600 million mark, after two appeals, which went slightly in Samsung’s favour. Hopefully this lawsuit can finally end at some point in 2016.

Via: The Verge

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