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The Street Fighter V beta has returned

A few weeks back, Capcom kicked off the street Fighter V beta. Unfortunately, it had some immediate issues that stopped many from actually being able to launch the game. As a result, the dev team took the beta build back behind closed doors, spent a few weeks fixing it up and now, it is coming back for round two.

The Street Fighter 5 beta will come back online today at 4PM UK time. This will be a region specific stress test, meaning you will only have access to the servers from 4PM to midnight. The doors will open up once again tomorrow from 4PM to midnight.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of approach. Back when Nintendo was gearing up to launch Splatoon it also held some specific time slot tests for users looking to try the game before launch. Following these region specific tests from Capcom, there will be five days of beta play time.

The Street Fighter 5 beta was originally scheduled to take place last month but unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan and nobody could actually play the game. Capcom is expecting things to go much smoother this week.

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KitGuru Says: These sort of issues are exactly what beta tests are supposed to be for. Hopefully the new Street Fighter 5 build will offer a smoother experience though as the servers and netcode still need to be properly stress tested. 

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