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Kim Dotcom to battle 100 CoD players for charity

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has pledged to take on 100 Call of Duty gamers in 1v1 matches at the upcoming Digital Nationz gaming expo, in the Vector Arena in Auckland, as part of a charity drive. For every one player Dotcom beats, he will donate $100 to charity.

While this seems like a back to front way of doing it – at first glance it seems like he should donate $100 each time he loses – Dotcom is very good at Call of Duty. He's the former world #1 player on Modern Warfare 3 and has racked up thousands of hours on recent CoD titles, so chances are this is the only way more than a little cash could go to a good cause.

NB. Due to 3News not offering an embeddable video, check out the video of Kim challenging the world here.

Update: I found it.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOz-W9anKdc&feature=youtu.be']

“Good luck with that… uhehehehehe,” – Creepy Kim. 

Some of the people who've already pledged to play him include: Channel 3 news reporter, David Farrier George FM's Nick D,  Naughty Dog's Benson Russel, Epic Games animator Jay Hosfelt and Crytek producer Michael Read. Some of them are very excited, but for the most part they seem intimated.

“Do I stand a chance? No way!,” said Farrier. “The last time I was good at a first-person shooter was probably in the days of the first Quake. Good news for the charity I suppose.”

Dotcom will also be speaking at the event, where he'll discuss where he think the next-generation of consoles will end up in several years time.

Digital Nationz is set to take place between 28th and 29th September.

Kitguru Says: This sounds like a fun little aside for the man while he awaits his extradition trial. Do any of you think you'd have a chance at beating him? And if you did, would you stump up the $100 for charity yourself? 

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