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Dotcom suing GCSB over illegal spying and aggressive tactics

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has announced his intention to bring legal action against New Zealand spy agency, the GCSB, over its treatment of him during his investigation and subsequent arrest. Legal papers filed with the NZ High Court accused the organisation of being excessively aggressive, and invasive when raiding his mansion home on 20th Janury 2012 and also name deputy Prime Minister Bill English, in claims of unlawful action and cover ups.

The suit demands compensation to the tune of $6 million AUS (£3.5 million), most of which Dotcom claims he will donate to charity if he is successful. He announced his intentions via Twitter, stating:

“I'm suing #GCSB & Police to get to the TRUTH. Damages awarded would go to charity, after deducting lawyers fees.”


Some evidence already publicly known that will be highlighted during the case, includes the fact that the GCSB illegally spied upon Kim Dotcom and his family – this has been confirmed by a Prime Ministerial apology, though no action has been taken to further police the GCSB – and on top of that, the warrant issued for his arrest and the raid on his mansion have been found invalid and therefore illegally carried out.

GCSB head Ian Fletcher also stands accused of acting unlawful by providing deliberately misleading information to deputy PM Bill English, who himself acted unlawfully by signing in a document that allowed the GCSB's activities to be kept secret.

Dotcom not only wants reparations for the illegal activities of these persons and organisations, but compensation for indirect consequences, such as damage to his home during the raid, where doors were kicked in and the ruination of expensive computer hardware.

In the GCSB's defence, it claims many of its actions were necessary due to tips offs about the potential danger of Dotcom hitting a fail-safe switch that would erase evidence against him. This turned out not to be true. However, the GCSB also denies any claims that it sort to conceal unlawful behaviour.

The trial is set to take place in March, before Dotcom's extradition hearing.

KitGuru Says: I'm no Dotcom fanboy, but the man was dealt an injustice. Here's hoping the people responsible get what they deserve. 

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