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KFA2 debuts new superclocked GTX 780

Nvidia partner KFA2 has announced the upcoming release of its new, record breaking, superclocked GTX 780 GPU that sits at a whopping 1058MHz as it rolls out of the factory. According to KFA2, this gives it Titan levels of performance, with an impressive 20 per cent clock boost over standard GTX 780s.

This is a bold claim, but it rings true. The GTX 780 reference card is clocked at just 863MHz, with a boost clock of 900MHz. Taking things to the new heights of almost 1.1GHz on the core, of course isn't possible for every GTX 780 that comes along. KFA has to hand pick each and every one of them to guarantee stability and performance.

The full specs of this card are as follows:

  • Base Clock: 1006MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1058 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 3004MHz (effective 6008Mhz)


The memory total and interface remain unchanged at 3GB and 384 bit respectively. However, the board layout has been tweaked, with components switched out for better stability. Most notably, KFA2 has added “CHiL CHL8318 top-of-the-line VR11.1 compliant digital PWM and a IR3550 PowIRstage® DrMOS 4.0 compliant chipset,” which improves power efficiency throughout the GPU. Higher quality capacitors have also been used for increased lifespan.

Of course though with a card as hefty as this, you wouldn't expect a standard looking PCB, which is why this one comes with the KFA2 pure white circuit board, and silver HOF emblazoned cooler. At the rear, it has all the usual outputs (DVI-D, DVI-I, DisplayPort and HDMI) plus a HyperBoost button which kicks the fans into high gear for added cooling performance in benchmarking and extra overclock scenarios.

KitGuru Says: An impressive piece of kit, but something that only enthusiasts will be able to stomach the cost of. How much? £576 at most retailers.

So, who's buying one?

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