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White PCB GALAXY GTX 780 breaks 3Dmark record

While there might have been a lot of talk recently surrounding the new Nvidia Titan Black GPU, partner company GALAXY has taken lemons and made rocket fuel, by producing a new version of the GTX 780 Ti that’s managed to take the top spot on the single GPU 3Dmark Fire …

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Call of Duty Ghosts official specs revealed

A while back we got some rumoured specs for Call of Duty Ghosts, which at the time a lot of us thought they were quite extreme with the recommended specs featuring a GTX 780. Well we still don’t have the official recommended specifications but we do have the official minimum …

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KFA2 debuts new superclocked GTX 780

Nvidia partner KFA2 has announced the upcoming release of its new, record breaking, superclocked GTX 780 GPU that sits at a whopping 1058MHz as it rolls out of the factory. According to KFA2, this gives it Titan levels of performance, with an impressive 20 per cent clock boost over standard …

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MSI debuts GTX 780 Lightning GPU

MSI has today announced the release of its latest Nvidia based gpu, the GTX 780 Lightning, featuring a twin BIOS, an enhanced power design, customisable voltage settings and an impressive cooling setup – this card is designed for overclockers and gamers in mind. The technical specs aren’t bad either, with …

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