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Knightmare is returning to Youtube

Unfortunately Knightmare fans, it’s only for one show, in a one off special as part of the Geek Week festival on Youtube between the 4th and 10th of August. It’ll be part of Global Geekery Monday, and featuring the original presenter himself, Hugo Myatt.

Series creator Tim Child will be producing it too and it’ll apparently feature Isy Suttie and Jessie Cave in some fashion (As Eurogamer points out, that’s Dobby from Peep Show and Lavendar Brown from the Harry Potter movies). A few Youtube stars will also make an appearance, presumably as the guests playing the game itself. They include: emmablackery, AmazingPhil, ashens and danisnotonfire.

For those that didn’t get a chance to watch this awesome show back when it initially aired between 1987 and 1994, Knightmare was about a team of kids, one of whom would don a giant version of the Skyrim helmet, that fitted over the player’s face, making it impossible to see. They then had to traverse several rooms of the “dungeon,” – essentially a green screen room – while the others watch them on a monitor and direct them past the digital dangers that await them.

Often times this would involve staying on a narrow path or avoiding obstacles in a timely manner. Sometimes puzzles would come into play. And all the while, Treguard, their sometimes neutral,sometimes helpful guide would stand watch, uttering such helpful comments as:

“Ooh… nasty”

KitGuru Says: If you’ve really never watched an episode, I urge you to look one up on Youtube, there’s some great clips of kids making asses of themselves. That’s always fun to watch. 

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