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Nvidia announce ‘fastest GPU ever’ the 12GB Quadro K6000

Nvidia have announced their last flagship graphics card, the Kepler based Quadro K6000. The company say it is ‘the fastest and most capable GPU ever built’.

The new video card has double the graphics capability of the Quadro 6000 and it has 12GB of fast GDDR5 memory on board. Nvidia say it will allow companies such as Nissan to load almost complete vehicle models without going into system memory, enhancing all round speed.

The card has 2,880 streaming multiprocessor cores and can support four simultaneous displays up to 4k resolution. It will be released later this year via workstation vendors such as Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett Packard. No pricing information has been released, but the K5000 is a hefty $2,250, so you can expect a serious dent to the company bank balance to adopt several of these in workstation systems.

Kitguru says: Lovely!

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