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LG trolls potential employees with fake meteor strike

Anyone thinking 4K TV isn't true to life, should have a chat with the four unfortunate stars of LG's latest marketing campaign, who were brought in under the assumption that they were applying for the job but instead found themselves as part of a prank to advertise the latest display technology.

In order to set up the ruse, an LG office had it's new 82″ 4K LED screen mounted on the wall, with the local Chilean cityscape displayed on the screen in excuisite detail. When the interviewees were ushered in, the fake interviewer began as normal, initially ignoring the huge meteor flying towards the city in the background.

Understandably, the non-actors freak out, several of which scream and move away from the window. With added sound effects, the meteor proceeds to smash into the digital city, destroying it and sending a shockwave of dirt and rubble that when it “hits” the screen, turns off all the lights. The unwitting actors in this advert are then left scared in the dark for a few seconds, before they all come back on and the film makers let them in on the goof.

Not everyone is 100 per cent relieved. One, guy is particularly angry.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg8boGzzVZM']

KitGuru Says: It's a pretty good prank and certainly shows how realistic not only CGI is now, but how well it displays on LG's new TV. Still, 82 inches is a bit much for my house. What about you guys?

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