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New site for censored news and images to launch in October

Wikileaks has a new competitor in the form of WeFightCensorship.com, coming from freedom lobbyist organisation, Reporters Without Borders.

Described as a “virtual shelter” to allow people to share and distribute banned and censored materials, the site is designed to help those suffering under repressive government regimes where social networking and dissent are restricted.

Commenting on the announcement was Ed Geraghty, Pirate Party UK International affairs spokesperson. He said that the new site was a welcome tool for internet freedom, but that it was a shame that such sites were considered necessary.

“Even in western democracies we’re seeing a slide towards censorship; whether it’s “morality filters” being applied to our internet connections, newspapers scared of publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, increasingly fatuous super-injunctions or the embarrassment that was the Twitter Joke Trial,” he said.

“And of course, in oppressive regimes things are even worse. So it’s good to see the weight of Reporters Behind Borders behind the initiative. It’s a welcome addition to established sites such as WikiLeaks and Cryptome.org”

We Fight Censorship
Yea, let's fight it! I'm pumped.

At the moment the site is simply offering updates and early access for those that submit their email, with “round one” beginning in October 2012. Clicking the link to the site’s Twitter however, simply says that the page doesn’t exist.

KitGuru Says: Maybe it hasn’t been setup yet? Seems a bit presumptious. Reporters better get on that or it’ll have someone else signing up with that name and making rude jokes. I might do that now actually.

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