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New Zealand petition asks Kim Dotcom to change his name

As you no doubt have guessed, Kim Dotcom, is not the Megaupload founder’s real name. His birth name, the one he had before changing it to sound like the early 2,000 bubble, was Kim Schmitz. Now though, he could be set to change it again, as a bunch of New Zealanders have created a petition site, asking him to switch it from Kim Dotcom, to Kim Dotcodotnz.

In text that seems like a marriage proposal as much as a name change request, the site has a big lavish graphic of an occasionally winking dotcom:

I Kim Dotcom, take thee New Zealand…

Below this image is the following request, with appropriate tongue in cheek references to Mr Dotcom’s arrest when his mansion was raided in early 2012: “Dear Mr. Dotcom, as New Zealanders, we take great pride in our hospitality. So if we’ve seemed at all hostile, we’re sorry. We’re sorry for the early morning wake up call by armed helicopters. We’re sorry for accidentally listening to your phone calls. And as for John Banks, enough said.”

It then goes on to suggest it was a case of mistaken identity – they took him for a super villain, with his super yaghts and models and were confused that he was German, but with a sense of humour. And it’s that sense of humour that the New Zealanders want to foster, by asking him to go the extra mile to show his commitment to the country while making a bit of a tit of himself at the same time.
“This is about the things our nation holds truly dear. Your ability to laugh at yourself. To always hold The Man to account. To dress entirely in black, even when the All Blacks aren’t playing. You’ve grown into a national treasure. Greater than Gatsby in every way. Which is why we’d like to bestow upon you the greatest title our little nation has to offer.

“Sure, Kim Dotcodotnz might sound a bit of a mouthful at first, but we know you’ll come around to it. Just as we’ve come around to you.”

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