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Petition demanding refunds for Battlefield 2042 buyers nears 75,000 signatures

Recent rumours have indicated that Battlefield 2042 could be in for a huge shake-up this year, including a possible jump to a free to play model. This was followed by the announcement that the first season of post-launch content has been delayed to 'summer 2022', leaving those who purchased the game to deal with a massive content drought. Now, those players are calling for EA to offer mass refunds.

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White house officially denies Edward Snowden pardon

One of the more exciting, burgeoning aspects of modern democracy, is the fact that people can organise far easier than ever before. That's why when Edward Snowden fled to China and eventually Russia in 2013, releasing documents on government spying that embarrassed and incriminated many agencies around the world, more …

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Microsoft not honouring Xbox One controller warranties?

When you buy yourself a controller, especially if it's an official one, you expect it to have a fair amount of life in it, even if you're a heavy gamer. However that's not been the experience of KitGuru reader Michael Allred, who recently contacted Microsoft support to make use of …

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Petition against Valve paid mods gains traction

Valve opened up a can of worms last night when it announced that it would be allowing developers to sell their mods on the Steam Workshop, with no quality control, curation process, or guarantee of future support or compatibility. The main issue people seem to be having though, is just …

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Hate the porn filters? Here’s how you can help

We've had a lot of feedback on this porn filtering business. While a few of you have showed some support for the idea of protecting the lil' ones, the vast majority of you don't want them to be implemented at all. Fortunately, you're not the only ones as several thousand …

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You guys really want GTA V on PC huh?

Can't say I blame you either, as that's the platform I want to play it on too. Unfortunately, Rockstar has yet to announce any news of the fifth game in the series appearing on the platform that started its career back with GTA One and two. However, a large number …

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Some Xbox One fans want Microsoft to flip flop again

Remember when Microsoft announced all those features earlier this year for the Xbox One? TV viewing, cloud saves, cloud computing, game lending, family sharing – and a little thing called every-24-hour activations? Of course you do, because you screamed in the software giant's face to have it ditch all of …

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Richard O’Dwyer to avoid extradition

Richard O'Dwyer

The long standing fight to keep the creator of streaming website TVShack, Richard O'Dwyer, from being extradited to the US has come to fruition, with the man managing to avoid trial overseas, with perhaps a small fine as his only recompense. O'Dwyer will still need to visit the US as …

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